Tip! For your transition to finish successfully, the billing administrator needs to be sure to complete the Transition Wizard. To find the Transition Wizard, sign in to CRM Online and click or tap Microsoft Dynamics CRM > Settings > Administration > Manage Subscriptions.

This site is for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online customers who are transitioning to the Microsoft online services environment using Microsoft’s automated transition tool. Use this site to prepare for and understand what transitioning means for your organization.

To begin your automated transition, you will receive an email from Microsoft and an alert in your Dynamics CRM Online.

Microsoft will contact you with the schedule for your Dynamics CRM Online Automated Transition. Microsoft encourages all customers to review the information in the links below to be prepared for the transition. Customers should also periodically check this site for additional updates about the transition.

If you are an Enterprise Agreement customer assigned a Transition Manager, you will do an assisted transition. See the Assisted Transition Center.

Note: A transition of your subscription to the Microsoft online services environment (in Office 365) is not the same as a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online service update. The subscription transition is a one-time occurrence that affects your billing platform. Service updates are recurring releases that affect the features and capabilities that you receive in CRM Online. For information about service updates, see Get ready for the next release.

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