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[Applies to: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0]

Quick tips

Quick tip: Open Microsoft Dynamics CRM windows in a new tab

Open a new tab rather than a new window when you navigate to a different part of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Quick tip: Customizing the typecode for marketing lists

Marketers and system administrators can work together to reduce cost of ownership, improve business logic, and see better ROI by customizing the marketing-list typecode.

Quick tip: Changing the default type for a marketing list

Marketers creating a default type for a marketing list can help improve efficiency, ROI, and data integrity.

Quick tip: Add a credit to an invoice

Quick tip: Use one of these techniques to credit a product to an invoice.

Quick tip: Sort records by multiple columns

Quickly scan a list of records by sorting the list on multiple columns.

Quick tip: Add columns to your personal views

Adding columns to your personal views makes it possible to see different information, all in a list, without opening individual records.

Tricks and tips from people who use Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The Microsoft CRM community is sharing their best practices, shortcuts, and tips for using Microsoft Dynamics CRM.